Eker - Mak Products- Seed Drill Machines

EKINOKS, can cultivate medium size grains such as wheat, barley, oats, rye in a combined and universal manner on the field the seed bed of which has been prepared as well as coarse grain such as chickpea seeds, corn, beans, soy. In addition to this, the cultivation transaction can be carried out of fine grain seeds such as cumin, carrot, onion etc. mixing them with fertilizer manure case.

  • It can bury the seed and the fertilizer to the soil in the best way without leaving the seed and the fertilizers. The cultivator discs can be operated without being blocked and a tillage being carried out thanks to the special form.
  • The disc plates - with double ball bearings, are manufactured from corrosion resistant steel.
  • The seed boxes are made of, aluminum injection pressure and the valve has a seed draining feature.
  • The seed grade connection rod bearing has been developed in order not to make a gap in the standard setting.
  • The transmission gears, are precisely tilled with hob milling machine is resistant to corrosion.
  • The plastic materials that are used are manufactured from special raw materials and are resistant to breakage and cracking.
  • The seed and the fertilizer crate volumes are large. The chassis material is resistant to any challenging conditions.
  • The tractor can move freely in hilly terrain thanks to its arrowhead which is hinged and has an adjustment for height.
  • In its hydraulic systems there is a lock present. With the pressure relief valve, the pressure coming to the system is fixed to 100 bar.
  • All materials that are used are selected based on their quality and long-lasting use.
  • The acrylic paint that is used in the automotive is applied using oven and electrostatic technology.
  • EKINOKS, is manufactured by expert engineers as a result of the R&D work that is carried out by them.


Chickpea sowing machine can plant big grained seeds especially chickpea as combined and universally in prepared fields for the seedbed.

  • Aluminum box and seed pitcher gear system.
  •  Sensitive settings for seed and fertilizer.
  • Valve adjustment mechanism according to seed size. • Anti-splash glass boxes for seeds.
  • Possibility of planting seeds with fertilizer box.
  • Gear transfer mechanism with fuse pin.
  • CE compatibility with closed chain system.
  • Strength depth adjustment system.
  • Strength to lateral forces by front movement.
  • Tractor wheel patterned tire.
  • Highly strengthened spring plate.
  • Spreader shovel for a smooth seedbed.
  • Shovel with double pipes.
  • Durable and flexible flow hoses with rubber additives.
  • Long-life bar made from steel.
  • Independent run spring-loaded closers in all type of plates