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It is used at the phosphatic fertilizer (base fertilizer) disposal before the planting or at the disposal of the nitrogenous fertilizer, chemical fertilizer starting from the tillering of the crop that is growing.

  • It contributes that the harvest will be more abundant, healthy and fruitful.
  • Our machines which are produced with single disc and hydraulic control with a capacity of 600 liter. can spread ammonium nitrate fertilizer to 22 m and urea fertilizer to 16 m in a homogeneous manner.
  • Our machines which are produced with double disc are produced for tractors which are growing in terms of horsepower, are fully produced with hydraulic control for 600 liter, 800 liter and 1000 liter capacities. Accor- ding to the intended purpose of use, the blade angles can be adjusted and the discs can be changed, thus it has the feature to spread to 10-18, 20-28 and 30- 36 m distance. As the movement of the mixer system is slowed down with the use of a chain, it certainly does not grind the fertilizer. The amount of fertilizer to be spread to decare can be adjusted by using a test bucket sensitively before entering the field. With its adjustable blades feature, it is possible to carry out the spreading according to the size of the crop in the field.
  • The parts which touch the fertilizer directly and are ex- posed to corrosion like the base plate, propeller blades and propeller table fertilizer are made of stainless steel.
  • There is a screen available on top of the tank so it pre- vents that hard objects damage the system.
  • There is a wheel system for ease of transport and installation.
  • The shafts have a shielded and sliding system for human safety (CE).
  • On the surface cleaning before the painting a zinc phosphate system is used, then it is painted and dried indoors. Thus the life of the metal surfaces against oxidation arising from natural conditions and their resistance is increased.
  • When compared to the competitors, this work performance technical superiority, on can save on time, fuel and labor and the emerging crop is less.